Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kadoori Farm - Fun and Signs

Yesterday we went out to the Hong Kong Wetland Park, in the New Territories. Our book said it was open Wednesday-Tuesday (that's every day, by normal conventions), which turned out to not include Tuesday. Thanks Lonely Planet. Already being out in the HK boonies, we detoured to Kadoori Farm, which is a combination of farm, bio-awareness museum, zoo, and hiking facility. Here's a fat pig:

The sign has his name as 'Jai Jai,' but in my mind he'll always be 'Emperor Snorffles'

The farm is built on some scenic real-estate. A shuttle bus took us up to the top, which had a suitably Chinese looking platform that gives a pretty good view of the area below.

Roofs like this one satisfy our need to feel like we're in China proper without actually paying for the visa.

Tiara, Farang team founder in her natural element

From the top we hiked down through the farm, enjoying the pleasant wooded trails and cobblestones. Along the way we were treated to some humorous signs, some of which are reproduced here for your enjoyment:

Forget flowers, show that special someone how you really feel.

I'm pretty sure half the guys at my high school went here. Seriously, you should have met these jerks.

This last sign begs viewer participation:

Keeping with the spirit of this sign, we pass the task to you, dear readers: What can you spread to help your community? We invite you to post your answers in the comments.


Barbara said...

Oh man...just when I was hoping for a good night's sleep, I have to worry about...oh no!...snake delivery!!

Anonymous said...

The spreading task is difficult and probably unpleasant.


Gary! said...

There are pink horns on the Cocks Summer Camp's signage.