Thursday, February 5, 2009

Posts From the Way Back Machine #3: Unchecked Narcissism

I know you're all thinking it, so I'm going to come out and say it. The only reason I'm still on staff here at Farang HQ is my looks - it sure ain't the writing. So drool on fangirls, this post is all about Ian eye-candy.

Pic 1: Ian on the Hong Kong Trail

Look out Babe Ruth, there's a new hunk in town

Hong Kong has a reputation for towering sky-scrapers and bustling city streets, but a linked network of trails ringing the island is one of the true gems. Tiara and I took a walk on the 'Dragon's Back,' which offered stunning vistas of... well let's be honest, the best views on the island weren't the verdant slopes and azure coastline, it was the towering figure of yours truly.

Pic 2: Mecha Strike Force Ian-XGZ Sapphire

Nerdeditors note: While large, this is far from a "life-size" replica. Full-size Gundam units are controlled by humans piloting from a seat in the mammoth robot's chest cavity.

Here's a picture of me next to a large/buff robot statue. I think I compare quite favorably. 'Nuff said.

Pic 3: Ian Sharp Rock Walking


Here's a picture featuring my "softer side" - namely, the tender bottoms of my feet. That's right, dear readers, my relationship to the Greek Achilles goes much beyond my superficial resemblance to Brad Pitt's character in Troy.

For some reason people in Hong Kong think it's a good idea to walk around on really pointy rocks without wearing shoes. Either that or these are clever traps for foolish tourists, and they snared another unsuspecting victim.

Here's a low-angle shot of these "death rocks":

Seriously, these things were like three feet high and razor sharp.

That's it for the photo session, the show's over - you can roll your tongues back up into your mouth now. Our more astute readers may notice that I am wearing the same pants and same hiking boots in every photo. No, these were not taken on the same day. Let's just say you have to make choices when you're spending a year living out of a back-pack.


Anonymous said...

Well, if grad school doesn't work out, there's always Chippendale's!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ian--

You and Tiara will have full privileges in our laundry room and showering areas when you visit.

I think the checkout guy at petco just returned from the same trip you're on, but no one allowed him to use their laundering and showering facilities.


Anonymous said...

I was unable to roll my tongue back into my mouth.