Monday, March 9, 2009

Bangkok Layover

We are currently in Bangkok for a 16 hour layover between Hanoi and Tokyo. Returning to Bangkok today felt like coming home. After traveling in Cambodia and Vietnam we realize how easy everything is in Thailand, and we have a much greater appreciation for everything from the street food and cheap prices to the ubiquitous 7-11s and pharmacies. We have a hotel room for the night and we were able to stock up on shampoo, contact solution, ibuprofen, etc. at the pharmacy nearby. We also visited one of the four 7-11s within 10-minute walking distance from our hotel and got some of our favorite Thai snacks.

The next few days will be crazy for us as we will be flying to Japan, sleeping on various nice people's couches, and booking it from Tokyo to Nagoya to Matsue. Once in Matsue, our pace will settle down and we'll spend about two and a half weeks in Western Honshu and Shikoku before meeting up with my parents for two weeks in the Kansai region. Because the Japan blogs will be slow in coming, I'm scheduling some posts to cover the rest of our Vietnam trip. Charlie is working hard to get us back up to date!

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