Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thank you for the new hat!

Hello it is me charlie, i have missed you very much. I know i have taken lots of time to write this, i hope you are not angry with me. I am doing the best that i can and i try to type really hard and loudly and also i can jump eight inches off the ground even when i am standing still!

I have been in vietnam, home of the vietnamese. Tiara and ian went to see uncle ho here but told me that i could not come see him because he is dead. Where i come from we are taught not to call our uncles things like 'ho' and also not to visit them when they are dead but it is a different country and we have different traditions. I did see some dead people in a cave at marble mountain. They might have been fake though because i rode a lizard that was eating a dead body but the lizard hardly moved at all. Oh no, what if the the lizard was dead too?! It was all really scary and i was so afraid and i could not stop smiling (it is a nervous scared thing that i do!)!


After the cave we went outside and it was sunnier and less full of scary things. There was a lot of wind and i almost fell out of the stone tree twice. Ian said that i could have been hurt and i was lucky to have "dodged the draft," so i told him that this is not a funny joke because vietnam had a war and it was very serious. People died in vietnam, ian. People died.

Charlie's in the trees

I also almost died a lot of times because there are speedy, speedy motorcycles all around. They are different from normal motorcycles because they are noisier and everywhere. I will pretend to be a motorcycle to help you understand:
*Vrooooom*, *vroom*
*Beep*, *beep*
*Drive on sidewalk*, *drive on sidewalk*
Okay i think you get it. Also i have a picture:

The cars are not usually this blurry unless you are very sleepy because you stayed up all night counting M&Ms

Sometimes when it gets too busy i like to lie down and listen to my monk friends and they chant and help me fall asleep. Before you get excited i should let you know that the monks are actually people and not monkeys and they don't even have tails even though i think i did see one eat a banana once.

If you look close you can see that he does not have big ears or toes that can grab on to branches or peanuts

Okay bye!

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Steve said...

Hooray! Charlie lives!