Thursday, March 12, 2009


I took this from our shuttle on the way from the Hanoi airport. The driver went for extra style points by seating two people and the pig on the bike.

Q: What's white and red and goes 50 miles an hour?

Special behind the scenes bonus feature - rejected alternate captions:
1) I haven't seen this fat a pig on a motorcycle since the last time I was pulled by the CHP.
2) The Vietnamese take the idea of "fast food" very literally.
3) A traditional Vietnamese CO2 BBQ

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Lynne said...

When I first lived in the Inland empire of SoCal, I got in line at a red light behind a pick-em-up truck with a block and tackle setup in the rear, hoisting a whole cow, in a similar condition to that pig. It took me a few moments of red light to realize what I was looking at, and then I just went, "whoa!"