Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Poll Results: Elephantploitation

First off, we'd like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to our poll. Here are the results:

Did you find the Elephantploitation post inappropriate?

16% - Yes, slavery is not a joking matter.
25% - Yes, elephants have real problems and poking fun at them serves no one
8% - Yes, the post had nothing to do with travel or Ian and Tiara
8% - Yes, it wasn't funny
41% - I'm just here for the pictures.

In a surprising turn, the overwhelming majority of you (59%) found the Elephantploitation post inappropriate. Based on your feedback, we immediately sacked the post's author (Ian McDowell) and removed him from the Farang payroll. Unfortunately, in the ensuing staff shortage we were forced to hire him back on as a consultant at double the salary. We can but hope he has learned his lesson.

It's also worth noting that fully 41% of respondents indicated that they visit the Farang site solely for the pictures. While we're unable at this time to increase the rate at which we add pictures to the site, we have taken this opportunity to run an explanatory article on the techno-wizardry that goes into bringing you each majestic image. Please enjoy our featurette: Behind The Scenes: Adding a picture to the Farang Blog

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