Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Banana Roti

Oh, Banana Roti, how I love thee. You can buy many varieties of pancakes from the street vendors in Banglamphu, but my favorite is most definitely the banana. The roti is a lot like a crepe, with a thin batter that is fried in deep yellow butter. The butter....so yellow...and the eggs....so orange. I love it. The bananas are chopped into the roti with great skill and speed, and the pancake is folded over and flipped to fry on the other side. Some condensed milk drizzled on top adds a sweet frosting-like effect. These are 20 baht a piece. Let's see...on my daily food budget, I could have three meals or five rotis. I'm going with five rotis.

Sizzle, banana roti, sizzle.

Does banana roti merit four photos? Yes, yes it does.


Lynne said...

Excuse me while a get a napkin to mop up the drool...

Tiara said...

You would love it.