Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dusit Zoo

Went to the zoo yesterday. The huge benefit of this zoo, like any non-American zoo, is that you can get much closer to the animals. You can even interact with them. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to feed the animals, but when I saw a monkey reach through a fence to grab a peanut out of a man's hand, I sure wished I had some peanuts of my own to share. We saw some pretty frightening crocodiles and snakes, as well as some birds and a very sad elephant. He must have done something bad - his front feet were chained together. One elephant, however, seemed happy enough to do a little dance for us. Right foot, step. Trunk, sway. Head, lift. Left food, kick. Now repeat. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the Dusit Zoo: baby goats run free! (Also, it appears, so do monitor lizards.)

Sad elephant.

Happy, dancing elephant.

A group of Thai high school students stopped us for an interview. They gave us a survey which included, among the usual "who are you and where are you from" questions, inquiries about our weight and religious beliefs. They wanted their photos taken with us so we figured we should get one for ourselves. As you can see, I am still short in Thailand, but well within the normal size range :)

Baby goats!!

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