Sunday, September 21, 2008

Duck Boats

Yesterday we braved the Thai bus system to visit Lumphini Park. The buses were hot (no air conditioning), but were pretty intuitive to use and very much like the micros in Santiago. We took another bus today and now feel empowered in the ways of transit.

Lumphini Park has lots of greenery and a beautiful lagoon, where we encountered DUCK BOATS!! Obviously, we needed to go for a ride. We pedaled around the lagoon and giggled the entire time. A half hour ride cost us about a dollar.

Today we visited the Chatujak Weekend Market, a collection of over 80,000 stalls that is a popular attraction for Thais and tourists. I accidentally left my memory card in our laptop at the guest house, so there will be no pictures from the market. We'll have to go again so we can document it. Among things you can buy at the weekend market:

-Adorable puppies (LOTS of adorable puppies)
-Huge bags of foam
-”Designer” sunglasses, like the “Ray Bans” Ian got for $2
-Shrimp that are so fresh we saw them jump out of their bucket onto the ground

Duck Boat Photos:


Adam said...

Hehe, that lagoon looks a bit cleaner than I remember it. When I was there there was a security guard who was an avid fisherman, casting into the lagoon when he was supposed to be providing, uh, security.

Here are a couple of pics I took of Engrish t-shirts in 2004:

Hope all is well!

Tiara said...

Why don't you own that fish bone shirt??? And where can I buy it?