Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yummy in my Tummy

I was feeling a little down last night. Yesterday we were in our old backpacker-friendly area, getting Thai massages, and I decided that a banana roti would be the perfect thing to top off my feeling of health and well-being. But, lo and behold, banana roti man was not there! No roti?? I was crushed. Later on, I was looking forward to trying the Pad Thai from a vendor on the street by our apartment, but Pad Thai guy wasn't there either! I had visions of Banana Roti man and Pad Thai guy suffering some horrible accident together, colliding their carts and slipping on a mushy banana-noodle mess.

This evening, I was feeling pessimistic as we headed out of our apartment for dinner. "Enough of this Thai food," I was thinking, "what I really want is a garden salad and some fresh pasta." We headed out of our building in a new direction and I was amazed and delighted to find....New Banana Roti Man! This guy made some great ones in the traditional style (with eggs) and oh man...I am not allowed to go back there every night. Just when I was thinking things couldn't get any better, Pad Thai guy was back in action. His pad thai was without question the best we've had on this trip. See, we've been on a pad thai hunt. Those of you who know us well know that, in our eyes, the gold standard of pad thais comes from the now defunct Plearn Restaurant in Berkeley. So far, we've had bland dishes that just couldn't compete. Tonight's pad thai tasted just like Plearn's. We plan to be on a first-name basis with Pad Thai guy by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

Hey, T--

Do you remember the time, right after you returned from Chile, we dragged you all around and made you eat everything SF had to offer?

You're sure making that roti and pad thai sound great, drool. What bus can I take to get there?

"Step out...step OUT!"

Anonymous said...

I posted anon because I have no idea what my google or blogger id is, even though I just created it last week.

I want a vacation like yours!

Tiara said...

Yes! And grandma was making boiled chicken for dinner, which did not sound awesome. So, I think we had dim sum, sushi, and Italian desserts, plus maybe some crab from the Wharf to stuff ourselves so we wouldn't have room for boiled chicken. That was a great trip.

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