Sunday, November 30, 2008

Buddha Park Part 2: Vientiane

The sculpture garden in Vientiane was a lot smaller than the one across the river, but it had some pretty strange features. Our favorite sculpture was an enormous head that we entered through the mouth. Inside, it was very dark, but we could just make out the shapes of lots of old and broken sculptures cluttering the ground. There were steep spiraling stairs that lead up through the head to a tower on top, from which there was a great view of the park. Psychedelic, huh?

The opening at the top of the head

The complicated neurological structures of the sculpture

Ian made it out of the head alive!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff. I like the big monster head. It would be scarier if it looked like cheney, though. I just love the photos, even though some are missing. One of the sunset pics turned out magnificent - even though I'm sure the colors were more amazing being there. We were in NYC on Friday and saw Arthur Miller's play, "All My Sons" with John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest, and Katie Holmes. Lynne thinks Katie looked pregnant - but she seemed pretty unpregnant to me. More blog stuff!

Love, Rich