Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I made a post about a big gate

Hi everybody!

I'm still charlie, and here is my first post "on assignment!" Tiara said if i do good on this one i can write another. Ian said "go away you little batard, i'm trying to sleep." I don't know why he called me a batard when i am an ice cream cone, i think he is still confused from being sick.

Okay, now i will start my report, I went a couple days ago but some of the words are hard and it took me extra long to press all the letters. This is the victory gate of vientiane! Tiara gave me a ride because my legs are little and i can't always keep up.

A sign said the gate is a monster and it made me scared. Tiara said not to worry that calling it a monster was a "petit foure" (i think that is what she said).

We climbed all the way up to the top of the arch. Inside it was dark and scary and ian said it looked and smelled like a subway, but not the kind with jared and the sandwiches. At the top i looked down and it was really far.

Afterward we went and looked at it from the other side. I took a picture of it from far away, but the camera is really big and it came out kind of slanty. Tiara read in her big yellow book that it is made from concrete donated to build an air strip, and that some people call it the "vertical runway." I waited for three hours but didn't see any planes land on it :(

Ian and tiara went on a walking tour instead of watching for jets, so i had to take the bus back by myself. It was hard but i am okay, thank you for asking.

Okay, you can leave now. Bye everybody!


Steve said...

Why doesn't Charlie ever melt?

Barbara said...

Hi Charlie,

One time Tiara's grandma went to the Panama Canal and took about a million pictures and they were all slanty. So you shouldn't worry about one crooked picture. You are doing great and I think Ian and Tiara should give you another big assignment. Keep up the good work. ---a fan

Charlie said...

I don't ever melt because i stay mostly in the shade and i also eat all the ice cubes out of ian's iced lattes.

Barbara, i am glad to have a fan! I feel like the famous basketball star magic jordan. I also hope i can have another big assignment and take more pictures and i won't mind if some of them are slanty or even crooked.

Deb and Richard said...

I love Charlie too. He looks good enough to eat.