Monday, November 10, 2008

Greetings from Phuket

Sorry for the lapse in blog posts. We've been traveling at breakneck speed lately, trying to see as much as we can before we catch our flight to Laos on Wednesday. The good news is that we'll be able to bring you lots of pictures and updates once we get to Vientiane.

We're currently in Phuket, spending a couple days on a beach near the airport. Phuket is alright, but no great shakes compared to some of the islands we've been visiting lately. We're getting pretty sick of hearing, "Hello, where you go?" from hopeful taxi drivers every time we step onto the street. Hopefully the folks in Laos will have a different line. In the meantime, we've gotten pretty good at speaking the Thai version of pidgin English. In fact, we fear that we'll speek pidgin English better than proper English by the time we get home.

I leave you with what we say to each other whenever we need cheering up (like if we find a roach in our bed or if our tuk tuk driver drops us 15km from where we want to go): Barack Obama!!!

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