Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Khao Sok Critters

As Tiara mentioned, our rainforest guide guide was a certified Bad Ass (BACN 55341877) - sort of a cross between Martha Stewart and Chuck Norris. When he wasn't felling tall bamboo and fashioning it into stylish implements for contemporary living, he was busy catching and presenting the variety of bugs and lizards that inhabit the jungle. We got decent pictures of some of his catches, so enjoy.

Here he displays a small gliding lizard. He caught a couple of these for us to look at. After he was done he'd give them a nice toss straight up in the air, which they'd use to glide to a nearby tree. Neat!

The bigger/older gliding lizards seemed to have less color, but were still impressive.

Here's a female chameleon. She was a biter, but our guide demonstrated how to avoid getting hurt (Tip: Wait for the lizard to let go of your thumb before trying to pull it away).

This is just an ordinary tree... or is it? The various little lumps sticking out from the bottom are actually living beetles. They blended in even better than the picture captures - the flash from the camera makes them stick out more. Here's one by itself, on our guides finger:

The last picture of me looking like a dork, and the guide looking like a bad ass. The guide is the one holding the chameleon. You may notice the yellow band on his arm. While it may bear a superficial relationship to the LiveStrong bracelets, it's actually a KingStrong bracelet (contains "Long Live the King" printed in English and Thai). Tiara and I have so far been unable to find these hip accessories for sale, but as soon as we do you'll be the first to know.

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