Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Arrival in Hong Kong

After a 30 hour journey, we have arrived in Hong Kong. We began our trek in Chiang Mai and took the overnight sleeper train (13 hours) to Bangkok. We then spent the entire day in the airport and took an evening flight to Hong Kong. We'll be staying in our friend Nick's apartment for the next month, as he will be back in the USA for the holidays. As soon as we arrived last night, we headed out on the town with Nick and his friends. We're suffering from a serious case of sticker shock after our dirt-cheap three months in Thailand and Laos. Drinks in bars are as expensive as in New York or San Francisco (if not more so). Though we probably won't be frequenting the bars, we're glad we got to see some Hong Kong nightlife. Later (or rather, around 2:30 this morning), we went to Nick's friend's house, which is a gorgeous four-story building overlooking the harbor. His dad works for Wachovia and they have clearly taken good care of him. We'll be spending the next couple of days sleeping, probably trekking no further than to the grocery store. Once we're rested and ready to explore, we'll be sure to post our photos. We're looking forward to upcoming Hong Kong adventures, and to seeing Richard and Debbie in less than a month!


Steve said...

Glad you made it to Hong Kong; what a brutal journey! Looking forward to your futute posts. How did Charlie handle the trip?

Ian said...

Charlie did well on the train, but he was a little nervous about the flight. We bought him some pills after talking to a pharmacist in Bangkok. We fed the little guy twice the recommended dose - told him they were 'sprinkles' - and he's been sleeping the last 36 hours or so.

Deb and Richard said...

Does Nick's friend need a housesitter?

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
It's so cool the two of you oould use Nic's apartment. I like how your Mom is always thinking about alternative lodging possibilities, but I have first dibs on housesitting at Skips. Keep the photos coming. Nic hasn't provided me with many visuals of his stomping grounds yet.
Enjoy your adventures!!!
Carolyn (Nic's Mom)