Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Days in Hong Kong

We love Hong Kong already. There's way more to see and do here than in Bangkok, and there was plenty to do in Bangkok! We've just about finished recuperating from our train trip, flight, and lingering colds, so we are starting to explore. There will be many, many more pictures where these came from, but here are some to whet your palate.

Our first impression of Hong Kong was what you see on TV: the hustle and bustle, the dense skyscrapers, and the futuristic architecture:

Double-decker tram cars. This is the most convenient mode of public transportation to our apartment, and definitely the most fun.

The controversial Bank of China building, designed by I.M. Pei. Apparently all its angles make for bad feng shui.

Hong Kong is the future!

Amazingly, in the midst of all that chaos, commerce, and construction, there are serene parks, incense-infused temples, intense Christmas lights, and, of course, the Chairman:


We stayed at this temple (the Man Mo Temple) for approximately 30 seconds before our eyes started stinging and our throats burned from all the incense.


Barbara said...

There's a unique stocking stuffer idea - a little Chairman!

Anonymous said...

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