Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mind Your Edibles Part 2: Sign Engrish

Here's the long awaited second half of the 'Mind Your Edibles' series, featuring signs from the food market at Chiang Rai. I did my best to make them readable, but I've also typed out some of the delectable food options.

These read like short, sometimes grammatically correct sentences.
Left: The Moustache is Tiny Squid Roasts, The Demon Moustache Squid Roasts, The Banana Squid/Egg Squid Roasts.
Right: The Shrimp Burns, The Meatball Fries Every The Wood, The Ark Shell Scalds/Burns

This stand also features the popular "The Demon Moustache Squid Roasts," but offers up more traditional fare, like "Hor Deuver." I particularly like the presentation of "Shrimp Burns," as it sounds more like a service than a dish.

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