Monday, December 22, 2008

Free Hong Kong: Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong has a surprising amount of dedicated parks and green spaces. Hong Kong Park, in the central district, is an extensive park with nice landscaping, fountains, and museums. Our two favorite free attractions here were the conservatory and the aviary. The conservatory, though small, had a nice collection of desert and tropical plants. The aviary was spectacular. You walk through the space on an elevated wooden walkway. We were fortunate in our timing - they'd just put out lots of fruit so the birds were all in full view, snacking away. The aviary had a large variety of birds, including parrots, pelicans, pheasants, kingfishers, and all sorts of things my bird-watching parents would get very excited about. Best of all, it was free, free, free!

Elevated walkways in the aviary.

Holiday art displays in the park.

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