Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Free Hong Kong: Chrysanthemum Show

We are continuing to take advantage of all the free things Hong Kong has to offer. Earlier this week we went to the chrysanthemum show at the Yueng Yueng Institute in the New Territories. It was a pretty serious trek to get out there, necessitating three different modes of transportation (tram, metro, and minibus), but it was well worth it. Seeing all these flowers set among temples, incense, and lanterns made me feel like I was seeing a piece of China as I envisioned it when I was a kid. Here's the picture dump:


Chrysanthemum pheasants...or peacocks.

We loved this statue of a melty old man.

In addition to the beautiful flower displays, the neighboring monastery and temple were stunning. What these pictures sadly can't capture is the otherworldy chanting the monks were performing. Our new camera will have a better video function, so we can bring you sounds in addition to sights.

I love this photo. Temples, silk, lanterns - so many cliched yet very beautiful images of China all in the same picture. Also, how great are those colors?

I got a little carried away taking photos of lanterns.

Cantonese hedges.


Barbara said...

These pictures are beautiful!!

Lynne said...

Do you know what the hedgery said?