Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Best Latte Of Our Trip

Those of you who were around me over the summer know that I developed what might be politely described as a "latte fixation." I attempted to break this habit at the start of the trip, as a latte in Thailand cost as much as two meals. Later, in Laos, the price of meals went up and lattes seemed comparatively reasonably priced, though in real dollar terms they were the same as in Thailand (~$1.50 USD). My latte habit was reborn, albeit without the organic, fair trade, bourgeois beans of California.

All of this set-up is to explain that I've been drinking mediocre, over-priced coffee for the last month or so. Until today. Today, I tried the cheapest latte I've seen offered in Hong Kong, and it was delicious, far surpassing the dregs I've been served elsewhere. Enough suspense, here's the coffee:

Mmmmmm, McLatte

Such is the price of addiction, dear readers. I've gone from high-principled consumption of shade-grown sustainable beans that empower indigenous peoples to the coffee of McDonalds, ecological disaster incarnate, pillager of the underclass, fattener of our children. How swiftly morals are abandoned to serve the almighty (Hong Kong) Dollar.

Here's a slightly blurry photo of the sumptuous McCafe:

A McBarista prepares a McLatte while the McCustomer (Susan McFong) waits for her McOrder


Steve said...

That's just about enough McCoffee talk M"c"Dowell

Deb and Richard said...

Oh how the mighty have fallen so low.